Andrea Serna – Multitasking woman

Andrea Serna is a famous Colombian model, TV presenter (RCN TV News), reporter, TV show hostess, radio DJ and TV producer.
She was born in Caldas, but she was raised in Santiago de Cali and currently lives in Bogotá with her husband, Colombian TV producer Frank Scheuermann. She is currently divorced since 2009


Marcela Montoya – Ask for one and you’ll have two!

Hot blonde twins have never gone out of style. Marcela Montoya is one of two blonde twin sisters, two fair-haired twin beauties with bodies to live for. Having one at home probably would make you really happy, but how happy would you be if you had two?

Amparo Grisales – What’s her real age?

Amparo Grisales is a Colombian actress, singer and model who has been active for decades. She is best known for her roles in Spanish-language telenovelas. Due to her beauty and frequent appearances on the screen, the social networks users in Colombia created jokes about her age. This association is derived from her advertising campaing for Revertrex, an antiage line of products, which included as a main topic “The Amparo Grisales’ secret for eternal youth” Generating all kind of rumors and suppositions about her real age, relating her with mummies, immortality and accusing her (in jokes) of having Horcruxes such as Voldemort.

Jery Sandoval

Jery Sandoval, was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and from a very early age lived at Carmen de Bolivar. Always very sexy and tight clothes, and use to anyone as to get what she wants. Since 2007 she is concentrated on her music caree with White Lion Records.

Little Lupe Fuentes – the ultimate Latina sex star

An extremely petite pornstar with a sweet smile and youthful appeal, Lupe has often played off of her young looks for the pleasure of her fans, but can also unleash the exhibitionist woman within in the blink of an eye and with thoroughly seductive results.

The busty brunette wears her hair extra long and her flirtation extra evident. She is a frisky sex kitten with sassy charm an insatiable sexual urges.
Lupe is a popular face in porn who has been performing since 2006, when she was just 19 years old. She continues to bring the hottest scenes to your screen and poses for some of the sexiest pictorials ever.

Adriana Arboleda – a successful name

Colombian model and presenter, (Born 1978 in Cali, Colombia). At the age of 15, Adriana began her career in modeling and won the contest in the 1995 Model Year. In 1996, she was appointed to Look of the Year and she has been on the cover of magazines like Vanity and Cosmopolitan. In 2001, Adriana also ventured into acting on the hit Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea.
In 2003, her debuts as a host of entertainment was in the CM & newscast, but she had appeared on programs such as Panorama, American Blind and QAP News.

Liz Solari – Beauty with blue eyes

She’s one of the famous models and actress with Colombian origins. Liz Solari began her modeling career in 2001 with the agency Dotto Models so she lends hes face for several brands, including Kosiuko, Dear Heart, Life Class, Lody, Ripley, Hush, Sweet, Calandra, O’Assian, Pantene, and Zara. Also she began her actrees career in 2009 with telenovela “Atraccion x4”.

Danna García – Actress and singer

Danna Garcia learned to act in front of the cameras when she was just a young girl and her viewers grew in to the millions in her native Colombia. Passionate about her art, cheerful and great humanity, Danna has always been distinguished by their desire to want to do things right. This young actress began her career at four years and since then his face has not stopped multiply into millions of homes around the world.